It is very important for an earning member of the family to plan properly and park his savings and let it grow for fulfilling his desires and seeing his targets getting achieved in life. A wise man should put his savings in different baskets and achieve diversification in his investments. Routine life will keep going. A person will earn, spend and live his daily routine but he will not grow unless and until he cultivates habit of saving money and investing in right pocket for a secured and happy future.

Investment planning is very much important, equally important is insurance. Insurance is basically transferring your risk to an entity or someone in your absence so that your family and your outgoings are taken care of and dependents do not suffer in your absence.

Our basic aim in developing b4investing.com is to first educate every individual about basic terms of investment, making basic concepts clear about investing and then guiding them to plan and park their investments and seeing them grow with every individual. We urge our esteemed readers to make their kids read our articles which we have tried to put-forth you in simple language so that we can financially educate our upcoming society and cultivate a habit of savings for a great future. It is not only about earning money but saving, investing and prospering.

We at b4investing.com are a group of Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) registered professionally trained financial advisors and chartered financial planners. We will be glad to help you and guide you in all your financial needs. We analyze different aspects of individuals in different ways by means of understanding your goals, risks, liabilities, desires and helping you plan your investments for a better and secured future. All queries are welcome and we will be glad answering them all. Lets grow together for a better tomorrow.

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Prajay Bafna

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